Strategic Planning

Last week I was invited to speak to the Senior class at Deering High School. In addition to sharing the path that led me to interior design, I was asked to tell the students the one successful decision that I have made over the years. That one thing has to be strategic planning. I leared about the strategic planning process in 1995 and have used it ever since to plan my business. However, it was a professor at Antioch, Ed Tomey, who introduced me to the concept of Personal Strategic Planning. Creating a “road map”, especially when one is beginning his or her career, is a tool that has infinite value. I told the students I would post the Personal Strategic Planning process to this blog. However, because there are several documents involved, if one of those students is reading this and is interested in learning more about the process, please email me and tell me what my major was when I was at UMaine Orono. (I shared that tidbit with the audience last week.) I’ll then email you the documents along with an explanation on how to use the Personal Strategic Planning process.

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  1. Leadership Skills Says:

    Leadership Skills…

    I like this quote from Max DePree about being a leader: The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you….

  2. lisa Says:

    Max DePree’s book, “Leadership Is An Art” is a classic. Some would also add that after saying “thank you,” the leader needs to move on and allow a new leader to step in, thus sustaining an orgainzation and allowing new leaders to emerge.

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