Thank You to Sara Rimer and the New York Times

My client, Sara Rimer, who is a reporter for the NYT, wrote a piece that is on the front page of the Home section today. She is a writer and journalist who needed a more efficient work space that supported her – and, more importantly – supported her working style. Incredibly creative, she often is juggling many writing projects at once, with deadlines looming daily. The process I used to create her office is the same I use when designing any office – whether it is for one person, 100 people or 500 people: 

  1. understand the individual’s (or organization’s) overall goals, mission and vision
  2. observe people in their existing environment
  3. interview as many people as possible – through focus groups, one-on-one interviews and/or surveys; listen intently and take notes
  4. create accurate existing condition floor plans – measure everything
  5. draft, draw, redesign, edit, draw some more, brainstorm – share best results with client
  6. get input from client, refine and revise plans to create final solution
  7. implement plan; visit client 3-6 months after change to assess environment and tweak if necessary

Sara claims that her new office has, “changed her life.” That’s the power of a great space that supports the work you are trying to do. You spend an incredible amount of time working – almost as much time as you spend sleeping – so, just as you are encouraged to invest in a good mattress, go ahead and invest in a great office environment – you deserve it!

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  1. Anne Barry Says:

    I’m probably the 1000th person to ask: Do you ever get to NYC? Actually, I’m in Jersey City, a PATH subway train away from Manhattan. When you leave Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel, you emerge after going under the Hudson in Jersey City.

    Yes, I’m also visually oriented, need to see things. Yes, I have a small space, 1/2 a room shared with my tidy husband, who is very patient.

    If you don’t come to NYC ever, can you recommend someone down here I could call? Of course I’m broke, and I’d love a lump-sum estimate rather than a per-hour charge. I’m a former writer (freelance, nonfiction, major magazines) now visual artist. Website not quite up yet, but soon will be.

    Any help/direction you can give me would be wonderful. I’m similar in many ways to Sara Rimer, need things in plain sight.

    Thanks in advance,

    Anne Barry

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